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Presscake of Pigment Blue 15:3

Pigment Presscake:

Presscake of Pigment Blue 15:3

CAS No:147-14-8
Molecular formula:C32H16CuN8
Molecular weight:576

The product is β-crystal form,shade is bright greenish blue,is of excellent transparency, resistance to solvent and no-crystallizing, widely used as Blue composition of process offset printing inks, toluene inks and water based inks.Fair price is their superiority.


Appearance:dark blue granule
Solid content:50%±2%
Shade: approach to standard
Transparency: approach to standard
Sieve residue(325mesh): 100ppm max
PH (pigment dispersions):6.0-8.0
Conductance(pigment dispersions): 200µs/cm max

Chemical structure:

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