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Carbon black

Carbon black is fine powder made from incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials (mainly of Petroleum). It's pure black beads or powder. The color strength, fineness, gravity are all varied with the change of raw materials and processing methods.
Carbon black is not dissoluble in water, acid, alkali but can be burned into CO2 in the air. The main element of carbon black is carbon, while including a very small volume of hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, ash, tar and water.
The statistic of 2005 showed that the global output of carbon black is almost 8 million metric tons. 90% are for rubber-reinforcing application of rubber products and motor tires. The rest part about 10% is for applications of printing inks, plastics and paints, which are performed as pigments and named as pigment carbon black or say, Coloring Carbon Blacks.
Characteristics of pigment carbon black
1. The best black pigment.
2. Almost the cheapest pigment.
3. The best tinting strength and hiding power among all kinds of pigments.
4. The most stable pigment with good durability on heat, chemicals and light.
Technical Crafts (Processing Methods) of pigment carbon black
Generally speaking, the processing methods for Pigment Carbon Blacks globally are Furnace, Touching (including Channel and Gas without channel) and Thermal Decomposition. We are now using furnace method and gas method, which are the most important and conventional crafts currently.
For Furnace processing, in a hermetic furnace, liquid hydrocarbons (coal tar) are sprayed into burning hot air and natural gas through nozzles, which is oxygenated and decompounded under high temperature; we could control performance of pigment carbon blacks by controlling flame quenching; Then, the pigment carbon black products are separated from the quenched gas steam through filtering system. The character of furnace method is a wide range of choices of its raw materials with various performance of pigment carbon black. From the point of output, Furnace method is the most important producing method of pigment carbon black till now.
Gas method, also refers to gas without channel method, is an improved process from channel method. For channel method, after gasified in a gasification chamber, solid hydrocarbons (crude anthracene) or liquid hydrocarbons (anthracene oil) are mixed with combustive gas (usually natural gas, sometimes coke gas and water gas). As feedstock, they are directed through internal passages located within the wall of the reaction device to the heating room, burned under high temperature in the flame nozzles and collected after cooled down in the cooling side of the device's wall. While the cooling in the heating room without channel steel is called gas method. The carbon blacks obtaining smaller particle size under the improved method by which has relatively lower output than furnace process perform better in blackness and tinting strength.
We can supply Powder form pigment carbon black and Beads form pigment carbon black to standardize different types of our pigment carbon black.

Category & Types Average Original Particle Size (nm) Surface Area(m2/g) DBP Oil Absorption (Structure) Tinting Strength VS SRB3#(%) pH Value
Categoryt Types     Beads
set Spherical Particle
HCG high color gas processing B 13 385.00 104 102 150 2.3
1009G 15 342.00 107 105 148 2.3
1000G 16 255.00 108 107 143 2.3
MCG medium color gas processing 1100G 18 385.00 98 98 140 2.3
3800G 19 342.00 98 98 138 2.3
2429G 20 255.00 98 98 136 2.3
RCG regular color gas processing 2419G 24 145.00 85 85 127 4.9
2410G 29 118.00 85 85 115 4.9
MCF medium color furnace processing 2869F 21 165.00 58 56 135 8.5
RCF regular color furnace processing 2851F 27 132.00 58 56 124 8.8
4300F 30 105.00 58 56 118 8.2
4310F 32 82.00 42 40 116 8.2
3200F 29 130.00 74 72 118 9.0
4600F 30 102.00 75 73 112 8.2
5319F 31 88.00 78 76 105 8.0
5327F 26 138.00 114 112 102 8.2
5100F 43 80.00 104 102 94 8.0
LCF low color furnace processing 4510F 41 68.00 76 74 88 8.0
6315F 52 38.00 79 77 68 8.0

Notes: ● = highly recommended ◎ = can be utilized

Types Auto-
Primer Powder
Wood Offset Gra-
Flexo Relief Screen Master
Wires & Cabl-
HCG B                          
MCG 1100G                            
RCG 2419G          
MCF 2869F                      
RCF 2851F                      
LCF 4510F                  

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