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Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether (MP-45, MP-25)

1. Product Name:

Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether Structure Formula :

2. Property:

1. Physics: innocuity, white powder.
2. Well anti-corrosiveness: Well anti-saponification. The chlorine atom in the molecule chain integrates each other steadily, which makes the products waterproofing and anti-corrosive.
3. Excellent dissolving capacity: It can be dissolved in several kinds of solvent, including cheap aromatic hydrocarbon and ester.
4. Nicer clinging: It can well cling with the fundamental stuff. It also can cling on the surface of the metal such as aluminum and Zincum but rolled steel is exception.
5. Pretty stability: No reactive double bond and can not be oxidized and resolved easily. The coat is ovenproof, anti-aging, anti-pulverized and can not be turn yellow easily. Because of the existence of aether bond, it owns pretty inner plastication hence can not become fragile easily for the loss of plastizer.
6. Well interfusion capacity: Interfused with other painting materials easily. It can improve the capacity of alkyd, rigid copolymer, crylic acid copolymer, tar, asphaltum etc..

3. Specifications:

Sequence No.









White powder




Eddy viscosity


1 5±5

2 5±5

3 5±5

4 5±5

6 0±5


Chlorine content


4 4±1

4 4±1

4 4±1

4 4±1

4 4±1


v olatility

≤ %






4. Application

1. Printing ink
The compound plastic printing ink confected by MP series copolymer possesses the capacity of well clinging, waterproofness and climateproofness hence the indispensable raw material copolymer.
2. Industrial anti-corrosive dope
MP series can countercheck saponification, waterproofness, and anti-chemicals and pretty clinging capacity. It especially applied in the field of steel structure corrosiveness in chemical factories.
3. Priming and outer paint of the light metal
Both the priming confected by MP and antirust paint and the one enriched Zincum confected by MP and Zincum can be anti-corrosive effectively, as well as anti-pulverized and waterproof. The priming especially confected with micaceous ferric oxide are widely used in steel structure such as outdoor metal pipeline and trough and also used in doors and windows, rooftop, water trough, balcony, lampstandard and partitions of the road.
4. Abio-dope
The dope contains MP and anti-alkaline plasticer can be well applied in alkaline fundamental stuff such as asbestos, cement, concrete, blocks ctc.. So it can be used for swimming dope, construction dope, bridge dope, signpost dope and so on. 5. Marine Dope
MP can be used for marine dope for its well capacity of brineproofness, climateproofness, anti-pulverized. 6. Plastic Dope
If the MP dope is incumbent on plastic stuff, it can not only color the plastic, but can stop the color becoming yellow and aging. 7. Other application
It also used for container paint and carpentry paint.

5. Packing and shipment

Packing: 20KGS per plastic bag.
Storage: Sealed and stored under a cool and dry condition.

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