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Enamel Pigment

  Enamel Pigments 
Company Code Color Chemical Composition Heat Resistance


UNE-201 Cadmium Yellow Cd - S 900 more
UNE-202 Cadmium Yellow Cd - S 900 more
UNE-203 Cadmium Yellow Cd - S 900 more
UNE-205 Cadmium Yellow Cd - S 900 more
UNE-212 Orange Yellow xCds.(1-x)CdSe 900 more
UNE-801 Creamy Yellow Pb-Sb-Sn-Zn 900 more
UNE-104 Orange Red xCds.(1-x)CdSe 900 more
UNE-103 Cadmium Red xCds.(1-x)CdSe 900 more
UNE-102 Cadmium Red xCds.(1-x)CdSe 900 more
UNE-101 Dar Cadmium Red xCds.(1-x)CdSe 900 more
UNE-701 Enamel Red Cr-Sn-Si-Ca 1250 more
UNE-702 Pink Cr-Sn-Si-Ca 1250 more
UNE-421 Royal Blue Si-Co-Zr-Zn 1280 more
UNE-401 Sky Blue Al-Co-Zn-Cr 1280 more
UNE-411 Cobalt Blue Al-Co-Zn 1280 more
UNE-301 Peacock Green Al-Co-Cr-Zn 1280 more
UNE-311 Green Al-Co-Cr-Zn 1280 more
UNE-321 Blue Green Al-Co-Cr-Zn 1300 more
UNE-322 Blue Al-Co-Cr-Zn 1300 more
UNE-331 Dark Green Al-Co-Cr-Zn 1300 more
UNE-341 Blackish Green Cr-Al-Co-Zn 1300 more
UNE-351 Cr Green Cr2O3 1300 more
UNE-361 Jade Green Cr-Al-Co-Zn-Cds 1300 more
UNE-371 Apple Green Pr-V-Zr-Si 1300 more
UNE-601 Brown Fe-Cr-Zn 1300 more
UNE-901 Sb-Sn Grey Sn-Sb 1300 more
UNE-501 Black Fe-Cr-Cu 1300 more
UNE-502 Black Fe-Cr-Cu 1300 more
UNE-511 Co Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Co-Mn 1300 more
UNE-514 Co Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Co-Mn 1300 more

  Ground Coat and One-coat Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (10-7) Temperature (°C)
UNG-102 High Temp.Nickel Ground Coat 301.8 840-880 more
UNG-103 High Temp.Nickel Ground Coat 286.5 860-890 more
UNG-104 High Temp.Nickel Ground Coat 290.1 840-880 more
UNG-105 High Temp. Antimony Molybdenum White Ground Coat 297.1 840-870 more
UNG-111 Medium Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 313.7 800-840 more
UNG-112 Medium Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 292.1 820-860 more
UNG-118 Medium Temp.Nickel Ground Coat 309.1 800-840 more
UNG-124 Low Temp. Antimony Molybdenum White Ground Coat 290.1 780-820 more
UNG-1102 High Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 300.5 840-880 more
UNG-1112 Medium Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 283.6 830-860 more
UNG-1122 Low temp.Co-Ni Ground coat 300.5 780-820 more
UNG-2400 Low Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 322.1 760-800 more
UNG-2401 Medium temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 292.1 800-840 more
UNG-2404 High Temp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 290.1 840-870 more
UNG-2405 High Yemp.Co-Ni Ground Coat 288.1 860-880 more
UNG-2406 Temp. Resistant Co-Ni Ground Coat 278.2 860-900 more
UNG-2414 Low Temp. Co-Ni Ground Coat 311.1 760-800 more
UNG-2115 One-coat Black Enamel 296.1 830-850 more
Remarks: directly coated on base metal.with strong adherence. wide range of firing temperature.
1. Mill Addition Ratio for Nickel and Co-Ni Ground Coat:
Frit 100 Clay   5-7
Quartz porwder 0-8 Borax   0.3-0.5
Sodium Nitrite 0.2-0.3 Water   50-55ml
2. Mill Addition Ratio of Sb-Mo Ground Coat:
Frit 100 Antimony Oxide   1.0
Clay 5-7 Barium Molybdate   1.0
Quartz Powder 0-8 Water   50-55 ml
Frit Slurry Fineness 1-2g/150mesh.100ml Specific Gravity   160-170g/100 ml

  Cover Coat Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (10-7) Temperature (°C)
UNC-202 High Temp. Titanium White Enamel 272.5 820-850 more
UNC-203 High Temp. Titanium White Enamel 260.7 830-860 more
UNC-211 Medium Temp. Titanium White Enamel 276.1 820-840 more
UNC-222 Low Temp. Titanium White Enamel 280.7 780-820 more
UNC-204 High Temp.Titanium Cream Yellow Enamel 283.5 820-860 more
UNC-223 Low Temp.Titanium Cream Yellow Enamel 284.3 780-820 more
UNC-213 Titanium Ivory Enamel 281.5 820-860 more
UNC-214 Medium Temp.Titanium Cream Yellow Enamel 282.5 820-840 more
UNC-206 Titanium Laky Blue Enamel 293.4 800-840 more
UNC-208 Titanium Apple Green Enamel 292.5 800-840 more
UNC-228 Titanium Peachblow Enamel 286.5 800-840 more
UNC-218 Antimony White Enamel 327.2 820-860 more
UNC-209 Titanium Blue-gray Enamel 276.1 800-840 more
UNC-205 Titanium Dark-gray Enamel 257.1 800-840 more
UNC-219 Zirconium White Enamel 259.5 820-860 more
UNC-2200 Super-white Enamel 275.5 800-830 more
Note: mainly Titanium and Antimony as opacifing agent.with good opacity and luster. as well as fine and smooth-clean surface.Colourful cover coat enamels possess bright luster. stable colour shade and good operation. When used. please note matching ground coat to select and firing temperature lower than ground coat.
1. Milling Addition Ratio of Titanium series frits:
Frit 100 Clay   5-6
Potassium Chlorate 0-0.3 Urea   0-0.5
Water 45-50ml frit slurry fineness   1-1.5g/160mesh.100ml
specific gravity 160-165g/100 ml      
2.Milling addition ratio of antimony series frits
Frit 100 Clay   6-7
water 40-50ml Frit slurry fineness   1-2g/150mesh.100 ml
Specific gravity 170-175g/100ml      

  Transparent Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (10-7) Temperature (°C)
UNT-303 High temp.semi-transparent enamel 301.7 800-840 more
UNT-315 acid resistant transparent Enamel (Grade A) 253.4 800-840 more
UNT-316 Mediumj temp.semi-transparent enamel 300.4 800-840 more
UNT-307 Black enamel 290.7 800-840 more
UNT-309 Royal Blue enamel 302.2 800-840 more
UNT-311 Neutral white enamel 1# (opacity enamel) 270.2 800-840 more
UNT-1401 transparent enamel 286.1 800-840 more
UNT-2305 Acid resistant transparent enamel (Grade A ) 284.3 820-840 more
UNT-2306 Acid resistant transparent enamel (Grade A) 287.6 800-840 more
Note: applied in colour decoration on surface of enamelware.with bright colour. stable colour shade.firing temperature lower than under enamel.
1. Mill addition ratio:
frit 100 clay   4-6
pigment 2-6 water   45-50ml
Note: adding proper pigment when ECF--307. ECF309 are used t o make colourful enamel frit .
2. Acid resistant transparent enamel milled 0.1~0.2 sodium aluminium
frit fineness spaying enamel max 0.2g/200mesh.100 ml
enameling 0.5-1g/ 150mesh.100 ml

  Glass Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (10-7) Temperature (°C)
UNB-02 glass blue enamel - 600-650 more
UNB-03 glass transparentenamel - 600-650 more
UNB-04 transparent glass enamel - 600-650 more
UNB-05 glass black enamel - 600-650 more
UNB-06 glass yellow-greenish - 600-650 more
UNB-07 glass semi- transparent enamel - 600-650 more
UNB-08 no-lead glass transparent enamel - 600-650 more
Note: expansion coefficient and firing temperature conforming to glass. to make out various quality glass pigments through milling-adding some pigments.
  Aluminium-based Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (10-7) Temperature (°C)
UNA-01 Aluminium-based Transparent Enamel 382.3 530-550 more
UNA-02 Aluminium-based Transparent Enamel 447.2 530-550 more
UNA-03 Aluminium-based No ¨Clead Transparent Enamel 451.2 530-550 more
UNA-04 Aluminium-based No¨Clead Transparent Enamel 433.6 530-550 more
UNA-05 Aluminium-based Titanium White Cover Coat 449.4 530-550 more
1 Milling Addition Ratio:
frit 100 Water Glass   3-5
Borax 3 Acid Treatment   2.5
Note: matching A-03 with A-04 commonly as per ratio 5:5, Mill-Adding to A-05 8% good quality titanium dioxide powder .
Frit slurry fineness passed on 250 mesh sieve Specific Gravity   180-190g/100 ml

  Cast-iron Enamel Frits
Reference No. Description Expansion Firing Application
Coefficient (107) Temperature (°C)
UNI-125 cast iron black enamel 334.2 760-780 more
UNI-126 cast iron black enamel 332.4 760-780 more
UNI-622 thick cast iron black enamel 314.4 750-780 more
UNI-623 thick cast-iron black enamel 271.4 780-800 more
UNI-625 cast-iron black enamel 244 760-780 more
UNI-308 cast-iron transparent enamel 332.1 760-780 more
UNI-1271 thick cast iron black enamel 274 750-780 more
UNI-1308 cast-iron transparent enamel 283.1 760-780 more
UNI-1309 cast-iron transparent enamel 335.5 740-760 more
UNI-2700 cast-iron opaque enamel 289 780-800 more
UNI-2707 acid resistant cast iron black enamel 305.6 780-800 more
UNI-2708 cast-iron white cover coat 302.4 800-820 more
UNI-2709 acid resistant cast-iron white cover coat 310.2 820-850 more
Note: enameling on surface of cast iron, as called Wet-way Coating enamel first, cleaning the surface of earthen bowl after anneal .
1 Milling additon ratio for cast-iron black enamel:
frit 100 clay   5-7
quartz powder 0-5 borax   0.5-0.8
sodium nitrite 0.2 black pigment   2-5
water 50-55 ml
note: adding 10-20% quartz powder in acid resistant black enamel
frit slurry fineness 0.5-1.0g/150mesh.100 ml specific gravity   160-170g/100ml
2 cast iron opaque enamel(sub-opaque enamel )
frit 100 clay   5-6
borax 0.5-0.8 aluminium oxide   2
water 45-50ml
note: sub-opaque enamel consist of cast iron opaque enamel,with same milling addition ratio.
frit slurry fineness 1-1.5g/150¡¤100ml specific gravity   160-165g/100ml

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