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Gum Rosin

1.Gum Rosin Specifications

  Gum Rosin
Grade X WW WG




Transparent Solid
Color slightly yellow pale yellow yellow deep yellow yellow brown yellow red
  Correspond to the Standard Glass Color Piece of Rosin
Softening Point (R&B),°C, min 76 75 74
Acid Value,
(mgKOH/g), min
166 165 164
Alcohol insoluble
Substance ,(%) , max
0.03 0.03 0.04
matter, (%) ,max
5 5 6
Ash, (%) ,max 0.02 0.03 0.04

2.Gum Rosin Properties and uses:

It is a kind of natural resin, mainly composed of various kinds of resin acids, it can be dissolved easily in many organic solvents, and has special chemical activity. So it is an important raw material for the production of paper, coatings, inks, rubber, soaps, electronic industrial products, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins etc.

3.Gum Rosin Packing:

(1) Drum: Galvanized iron drum, 225kg net each drum.
(2) Bag: Intertexture or kraft paper bag, 25kg net each bag.

4.Gum Rosin Technical specification:

The above technical specification (GB 8145-87) is the national standard of People's Republic of China. If there are changes, the latest specification will be executed and assured by contract.

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