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Nitrocellulose is the reactant of nature cellulose and nitrate acid. It is a kind of white flocculus or flake fiber; which is an inflammable solid whose molecular formula is [C6H7O2(OH)3-r (ONO2)r]n. Acid, alkali, oxidant, reductant or heat and direct sunlight will make unfavorable affection on the quality of nitrocellulose. it is a wonderful product that helps make the life around us more colorful. It is a very important material in many fields, Nitrocellulose (NC) is mainly classified as industrious nitrocellulose (INC) and energetic Nitrocellulose (ENC) . Industrial NC has wide usages, NC for coating can be applied in producing different types of coatings, stencil paper, ink, varnished cloth, sealing cover, binder, leather oil, nail polish, and so on. NC for Celluloid is mainly used for table-tennis ball and celluloid adornment products.

1. Classification

1.1 according to specification the industrial nitrocellulose should contain at least 25% of wetting agents that water or alcohols are usually used as. SNC can provide nitrocellulose products containing different kinds of wetting agents such as water, ethanol, isopropanol, n-butanol, etc.
SNC also provides nitrocellulose chips, a flaky product from plasticized NC with (no less than) 18% of plasticizers, such as DBP, DOP, etc. after replacing the water in NC.

1.2 The nitrocellulose products can be classified into H-type and L-type based on their nitrogen content and, in turn, subdivided into different grades according to the viscosity in the standard NC Solution (see Products Specifications).

Features of H-type
To form a tougher film.
Evaporate its solvents faster than L-type.
Be diluted easily with alcohols, aromatic and aliphatic solvents.
Possess more excellent mechanical performances.
Since it can be readily dissolved into esters solvents, H-type product is also called ester-soluble nitrocellulose.

Features of L-type
Form a thermoplastic film. Dissolve into large amounts of alcohols (such as methanol or ethanol) with small amount of esters.
Be diluted easily by aromatic solvents.
L-type product is also called alcohol-soluble nitrocellulose since it can be readily dissolved into alcohols

2. Designation

Type + Viscosity + wetting agent
For example: The nitrocellulose product with high nitrogen content, 1/2 second of viscosity and ethanol wetting agent is designated as H 1/2 EA.
Type + Viscosity + wetting agent
For example: The nitrocellulose product with high nitrogen content, 1/2 second of viscosity and ethanol wetting agent is designated as H 1/2 EA.

3.Viscosity specification

Type Specification
Nitrogen content(%) Viscosity range
L 1/8 10.7-11.4     1.7-2.8
1/4a     3.1-4.9
1/4b     5.0-8.0
1/2a   3.0-6.0  
1/2b   6.1-8.4  
H 1/32 11.5-12.2     0.6-1.0
1/16     1.1-1.6
1/8a     1.7-2.2-
1/8b     2.3-2.8
1/4a     3.1-4.9
1/4b     5.0-8.0
1/4c     8.1-10.0
1/2a   3.0-6.0  
1/2b   6.1-8.4  
1   8.5-16.0  
5 4.0-7.5    
10 8-15    
20 16-25    
30 26-35    
40 36-50    
60 51-70    
80 71-100    
120 101-135    
300 220-350    
800 600-1000    
1500 1200-2000    

4. Each kind of nitrocellulose should conform to following viscosity requirements

Type Brand Ball-falling time (sec) Concentration
Type Brand Ball-falling time (sec) Concentration
L 1/8 1.7-3.0 25.0 H 20 16-25 12.2
L 1/4 3.5-6.5 25.0 H 30 26-35 12.2
L 1/2 3.0-6.0 25.0 H 40 36-50 12.2
H 1/16 1.0-1.6 25.0 H 60 51-70 12.2
H 1/8 1.7-3.0 25.0 H 80 71-100 12.2
H 1/4 3.5-6.5 25.0 H 120 101-135 12.2
H 1/2 3.0-6.0 20.0 H 150 136-210 12.2
H 1 8.5-16.0 20.0 H 300 220-350 12.2
H 5 4.0-7.5 12.2 H 800 600-1000 12.2
H 10 8-15 12.2       12.2

Technical Specification to NC for coatings

Item UNT Index Item UNT Index
NC solution % H ≥93 Heat test at 80 (°C) Min ≥10
Transparent   L ≥93 Explosive °C ≥180
Whiteness % ≥86 Ash content % ≤0.2
acid (as sulfuric acid) % 1.16 Sec 1/18 ≤0.08 Moisture test   No turbidty &mbdng indicator
1/4 Sec≤0.07  Damping agents content % 28-32
other ≤0.07

Note: 1, there is no necessary to do moisture test to NC damping with water. If the customer has any special requirement for viscosity or other items decision should be made by negotiation between the seller and buyer.

5, the wetting agents included EA (ethyl alcohol), IPA (isopropanol), n-butanol, water, etc.

(1) Drum: Galvanized iron drum, 225kg net each drum.
(2) Bag: Intertexture or kraft paper bag, 25kg net each bag.
The products should conform to the standard of Q/HE2-125-2000

Classified brands according to viscosity

Type Brands Type Brands Type Brands
H 1/4S H 20S L 1/2S
H 1/2S H 25-30S L 5S
H 1S H 30-40S M 1/4S
H 5S H 60S M 1/2S
H 15-20S L 1/4S M 1S

Chemical components

Items Unit Contents
Nitrocellulose % Remaining
DOP % 18±2
Water % ≤2

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