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Rheological additive

Product : Rheological Additive BK-883B
Category : Rheological Additive for solvent based system(Organoclay)

BK-883B is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low,medium and high polarity.

1. Rheological additive Advantages:

* High gelling efficiency over low, medium and high polarity organic liquids, especially in 200#solovent oil, coal tar, aromatic compounds.
* Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range.
* High viscosity and excellent thickening property over a wide temperature range.
* Imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.
* Exerts strong film reinforce action in organic binder systems.

2.Rheological additive Typical Properties:




Moisture (@105C,2hrs)

Fineness through 200 mesh

Loss on Ignition
( @1000C )

Light Yellow

Free Flowing Powder





3.Rheological additive Typical Applications:

Alkyd paint

Zinc-rich paint

Anti-corrosion paint

Inks(mineral oil)

Bituminous paint


Chlorinated rubber paint


Marine paint

Putties and sealant

None solvent epoxy paint

Lubricating grease

Primer paint

Oil drilling mud

Road paint

Waster water treatment

Silica paint


4.Rheological additive Incorporations:

BK-883B belongs to the conventional type of organoclay group, which requires mechanical energy, shear forces applied with a goods dispersion equipment, and a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organoclay platelet stacks.

Polar Activator: Dosage of polar activator ( such as propylene carbonate, 95%ethanol , acetone or 95% methanol) is 40%-60% by weight of BK-883B.
It is always recommended to determine the proper level of addition by experiment. Either defect or excess of chemical activator would result in poorer viscosity development.

5.Recommended Levels:

The amount of BK-883B rheological additive required depends upon the type of organic system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.2%-2.0% based on the total formulation weight.

6.International Countertypes:

Bentone 52, Tixogel VP, Claytone HT.

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