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PPA-308(Co-soluble for hot-resisting)

PA-308 is a kind of cosolvent polyamide resin, it's melting point reaches 140-200℃,and the fuse resistance surpass other resins. at the same time it has good glossiness,and good adhesion.if put it into other resins in the printing ink, the abrasion resistance, anti-scratch may increase.


Outstanding hot resisting character, thermal stability.
Fine glossiness.
Fine adhesion, anti-friction, anti-scratch.


Thermostable, heat-resisting printing ink.
Each kind of paper printing ink, thin film printing ink.
Over-printing varnish.
Gravure printing ink.


Style PA-308(Frost-resistance, co-solvent)
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤5
Amine Value (mgKOH/g) ≤5
Viscosity(mpa.s/25) 120-180
Softening Point(℃) 140-200
Color(Fe-co) ≤6
Freezing Point(℃) ≤8
Property Hot resistance , Abrasion resistance
Packing: The paper and plastic bag,25KG/bag.
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