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PA-508 (Alcohol-soluble for general)

PA-588 is a kind of alcohol-soluble Polyamide resin,which easily dissolves in alcohol. It can be dissoluted in 95% dehydrated alcohol, and made by high purity raw material. It has higher softening point, good solubity to accohol, excellent transparency and glossiness, and good solvent release.It widely used in printing field.


Good solubility to alcohol and good adhesion.
Extremely good solvent release.
Low freezing point, can trun frost quickly.
Excellent transparency and glossiness.


Gravure printing ink.
Flexo printing ink.
Over-printing varnish


Style PA-588 (Extremely Frost-resistance )
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤6
Amine Value (mgKOH/g) ≤6
Viscosity(mpa.s/25) 100-150
Softening Point(℃) 100-180
Color(Fe-co) ≤7
Freezing Point(℃) =-10
Property Higher softening point
Packing: paper bag compond with plastic, the 25KG/bag. When storage, be cautious to keep it away from high temperature, moisture-proof, better store it in coolly, ventilates dryly place; In the transportation process ,it should be keep away from the humidity, the date exposing to the sun, the rain drenches .
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