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P.G.17 Chrome Oxide Green

P.G.17 Chrome Oxide Green
Type:7606 Chrome oxide Green
Color (Compared with Standard) SIMILAR
Tinting Strength (Compared with Standard) 98~ 102 %
Content of Cr2O3 ≥98 %
Matter Volatile at 105°C ≤0.3 %
Water Soluble Matter ≤0.5 %
Residue on 325 mesh ≤0.05 %
Oil Absorption g/100g 10
pH Value 5 ~8
Density g/ml 5.2

Green crystal powder. This is a kind of modified product, yellowish green, bright color, good dispersion, high stability, sunlight

Application: high-grade paints, coating, epoxy floor coating and abrasive materials.


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