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Color separation of oil products dyes

Product Name Color Index no. Hue
Oil Yellow R Solvent Yellow 14 Reddish Yellow
Transparent Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 16 Bright Greenish Yellow
Transparence Yellow S Solvent Yellow 28 Yellow to Orange
Transparence Yellow 5R Solvent Yellow 56 Reddish Yellow
Transparence Yellow PS Disperse Yellow 97 Reddish Yellow
Transparence Orange BL Solvent Orange 7 Reddish Orange
Oil Red Solvent Red 24 Bluish Red
Oil Red 5B Solvent Red 27 Bluish Red
Transparence Red GS Solvent Red 111 Red
Transparence Blue HNR Solvent Blue 35 Bright Greenish Blue
Transparence Blue ZV Solvent Blue 58 Bright Blue
Transparence Black B Solvent Black 3 Bluish Black

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