Natural Iron Oxide Black

Product: Natural iron oxide black
Introduction: Specification:60 mesh,160 mesh,250 mesh,325 mesh,400 mesh;
Valid content:1,Fe3O4≥75%;2,Fe3O4≥85%;3,Fe3O4≥95%;
Property: Our product of iron oxide black is made of selected high-quality finishing materials, the main chemical ingredient of Fe3O4, chemically stable. Widely used in general coating, anti-corrosion coating (paint), sensors, polishing, color and wear-resistant cement products, various types of colored wall tiles and pavement bricks.
Picture: Natural Iron Oxide Black
Advantage: We focus on research and development of iron oxide black, towards the adoption of different preparation methods and raw materials to significantly reduce the price of black iron oxide, while reducing the production of environmental pollution. Our production of natural iron oxide black magnetic iron oxide black is much stronger than the chemical industry. We can send sample for your inspection, you can also send your request over the sample or special processing. If you have any questions please call the product, message or e-mail advertised. Our technical staff will promptly reply you.

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