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1:Ink made of NC pigment dispersion chips with developed technical process of printing , gravure printing has occupied the most on OPP film printing filed . Nowadays , there are market demands for various packages as well as inks .Packaging industries require high quality printing inks as they will affect the quality of  their final products . To produce high quality package inks , the most important factor is the dispersion of the pigment in the ink . In other words ,ink’s quality depends on the particle size of pigment and the clearness of colors on packaging film . Therefore , ink producers are trying to get know-how in order to improve the clear of the colors . Because of the mill machines limit ,it is difficult to get pigments fully dispersed if only using mill machines to produce gravure inks . However , inks made of NC pigment dispersion chips can give excellent transparency and clearness that is supperior to normal inks.Because of the excellency of chip inks , using of NC pigment dispersion chips , you can produce the best quality of gravure and flexo graphic inks without much investment in technology and equipments .

2:Advantages of Chip inks . Traditional ink  production system is generating solvent evaporation with bad odor . Besides , it has a demerit for some certain colors with dispersion . Event though the demand for the gravure ink was increasing , the ink industry had not been successful in solving these problems . In the 1990’s , USA ,Europe , Japan and East Asian countries began to produce inks from pigment dispersion chips to solve these problems . It is possible to produce the high quality ink in bulk volume without complicated process by using pigment dispersion chips . And the production chips have more advantages in respect of the qualities of ink and product loss

(1)Clear printing colors . As chip inks are treated completely with the dispersion and the processing , egree of high speed and continuous printing is excellent and the printing colors are clear because of the excellency of the color revelation .

(2)Excellent gloss and high strength . The pigment dispersion chips also increase color strength and gloss over 10%

(3)Good blocking resistance . The producing system of efficiency and stability with the specific character of chip ink appears to excellency of bloching resistance , degree of remind solvent , adhesion power , laminating , stability of custody and a trouble of static electricity .

(4)Less remind solvent . Quantity of remind solvent was reduced to about 1/3-1/4 than existing inks .

(5)Good adhesion and laminating . Because of improving flexibility , the strength of stability in ink appears to excellency of laminating processing .

(6)Excellent solvent resistance . Not only the phase of bleeding by solvents(T.O.L/M.E.K/E.A.)  to be use for anchor coat agent and adhesion but also the bleeding to the next unit when printing is improved

(7)Excellent stability . The stability of the quality will not come to gel on low temperature(-10℃)

(8)No static electricity

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