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1:Weigh amount of pigment chips necessary to provide given pigment strength in final ink and grind to small pieces .

2:Weigh NC varnish(if necessary to add NC to adjust viscosity) . Solvent and additives in a container .

3:Use a high speed stirrer(500 rpm) with speed regulator and a saw tooth stirrer .

4:Stir item 2 to uniform and raise speed  to 50% of full .

5:Start adding chips slowly at a constant stirring speed .

6:When chips adding  is complete , increase speed to nearly full . Taking care for spillage . Clamp or hold the container while mixing run for 25 minutes .

7:As the chips dissolved and viscosity increase , speed and blade heigh should be adjusted to keep good  Movement in the vessel .

8:Make up for lost solvent and stir well .

9:When a semi-fluid paste appears , the stirrer should be stopped and the vessel scarped carefully for undissolved pigment chips .

10:After all the chips have been dissolved , let down with the surplus of solvent under good agitation and Run 5-10 minutes for full mixing .

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