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Plastics and rubber dyes

Product Name Color Index no. Hue
Oil Yellow R Solvent Yellow 14 Reddish Yellow
Transparent Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 16 Bright Greenish Yellow
Transparence Yellow 3GR Disperse Yellow 16 Bright Greenish Yellow
Transparence Yellow SG Solvent Yellow 18 Bright Yellow to Reddish Yellow
Lemon Yellow 4G Solvent Yellow 33 Bright Greenish Yellow
Transparence Yellow 2GH Solvent Yellow 72 Bright Yellow
Transparence Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 93 Yellow
Fluorescence Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 98 Yellow
Transparent Yellow GS Solvent Yellow 163 Reddish Yellow
Pigment Yellow HG Pigment Yellow 180 Greenish Yellow
Oil Yellow RC Solvent Orange 2 Reddish Orange
Transparence Orange BL Solvent Orange 7 Reddish Orange
Transparence Orange 3G Solvent Orange 60 Yellowish Orange
Fluorescence Orange GG Solvent Orange 63 Reddish Orange
Transparence Orange G Solvent Orange 86 Orange
Transparence Orange R Solvent Orange 107 Bright Reddish Orange
Transparence Red G Solvent Red 1 Yellowish Red
Transparence Yellowish Red H Solvent Red 23 Yellowish Red
Oil Red Solvent Red 24 Bluish Red
Transparence Red S-130 Solvent Red 25 Red
Transparence Red 3BR Solvent Red 26 Bluish Red
Oil Red 5B Solvent Red 27 Bluish Red
Transparence Red GS Solvent Red 111 Red
Transparence Red EG Solvent Red 135 Yellowish Red
Transparence Red E2G Solvent Red 179 Yellowish Red
Transparence Red BBR Solvent Red 195 Bluish Red
Fluorescence Red BK Solvent Red 196 Bright Red
Fluorescence Red GK Solvent Red 197 Yellowish Red
Transparence Red CHA Solvent Red 207 Bluish Red
Fluorescence Red 3B Solvent Red 242 Yellowish Red
Fluorescence Red 5B Vat Red 41 Bluish Red
Transparence VioletB Solvent Violet 13 Bright Bluish Violet
Transparence VioletBS Solvent Violet 31 Bluish Violet
Transparence VioletRL Solvent Violet 59 Bright Reddish Violet
Transparence Blue HF Solvent Blue 11 Bright Blue
Transparence Blue HNR Solvent Blue 35 Bright Greenish Blue
Transparence Blue AP-FW Solvent Blue 36 Bright Blue
Transparence Blue ZV Solvent Blue 58 Bright Blue
Transparence Blue BP Solvent Blue 90 Bright Bluish Violet
Transparence Blue 4G Solvent Blue 101 Greenish Blue
Transparence Blue 2RB Solvent Blue 128 Reddish Blue
Transparence Green 5B Solvent Green 3 Bluish Green
Fluorescence Yellow 8GF-1 Solvent Green 5 Olive Green
Transparence Black B Solvent Black 3 Bluish Black

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