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Smoke Dyes

Product Name Color Index no. Hue
Oil Yellow R Solvent Yellow 14 Reddish Yellow
Transparence Yellow SG Solvent Yellow 18 Bright Yellow to Reddish Yellow
Transparence Yellow S Solvent Yellow 28 Yellow to Orange
LemonYellow 4G Solvent Yellow 33 Bright Greenish Yellow
Transparence Yellow 5R Solvent Yellow 56 Reddish Yellow
Oil Yellow RC Solvent Orange 2 Reddish Orange
Transparence Orange G Solvent Orange 86 Orange
Transparence Red G Solvent Red 1 Yellowish Red
Oil Red Solvent Red 24 Bluish Red
Transparence Red GS Solvent Red 111 Red
Transparence Blue HNR Solvent Blue 35 Bright Greenish Blue
Transparence Green 5B Solvent Green 3 Bluish Green

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