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Formaldehyde-Free Thermoplastic Fluorescent Pigments

RECOMMENDED APPLICATOINS: Plastics. Can be used for preparing extruded color compounds and liquid color dispersions for use in injection, rotational and blow molding, extruded film and sheet, blown and calendared film, vacuum forming, casting, etc.
HIGHLIGHT OF PROPERTIES: Formaldehyde free, thermoplastic, good resistance to plateout, melt-in, heat stability up to 300C, good tinting strength, broad compatibility, fade-resistant, minimal color shifts over a wide processing temperature range..
SHADES: Chartreuse, Green, Orange-Yellow, Orange, Orange-Red, Red, Cerise, Pink, Magenta, Blue, Purple
CHEMICAL NATURE: A solid solution of fluorescent dyes in a polyester resin
Shape and state: Solid irregular shaped particles
Moisture: < 2% (2 gram under 140C for 0.5 hours)
Specific Gravity: 1.3 (20℃)
*Particle Size* (Microscope): Maximum 100 um; Average <60 um
*Softening Point*: > 300℃ Maximum Processing Temperature: 290℃
Maximum Processing Temperature: 220℃
Application in Plastic Systems: UNC200 series has been successfully applied in HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PS systems with minimum adjustment to the processing conditions. In theory, it should be also applicable in many other plastic systems, but we suggest that the end-users perform thorough test of their own to determine the suitability and adjust the formulation and processing parameters accordingly.
Light-fastness: The degree of colorfastness of UNC-200 series fluorescent pigments vary depending upon many factors such as the specific properties and dimensions of plastic systems, pigment loading, presence of a protective overcoat or agent and the light source. It is reported that an improvement of 10 to 30% in exterior light stability results from the incorporation of 0.5 to 1.0% of a benzotriazole or benzophenone type UV screen. It is essential to select an UV screen that is compatible with the plastic in which it is to be incorporated.
*COLOR ASSESSMENT*: Shade (hue) and strength are compared against an approved standard by trained technicians upon preparing plastic chips and placed in standard light box containing UV and D65.
STORAGE: Under conditions that are cool, dry, covered, away from direct sunlight and free of airborne contaminates, JC200 pigments have an indefinite shelf life.
TOXICITY: Tests conducted through independent laboratories have found UNC200-Series Fluorescent Pigments to be "essentially non-toxic." MSDS is available upon request. Good industrial hygiene and handling methods are essential in the use of all products whether or not they are determined to be hazardous.
NOTE: Items marked with * are standard QC items taken on batch bases.

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