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Aqueous Dispersions of Fluorescent Pigment

RECOMMENDED APPLICATOINS: Water based flexo or gravure inks, waterborne coatings, water based textiles dying or printing, paper coatings, marker inks, highlighter inks
HIGHLIGHT OF PROPERTIES: Fine particle size with narrow distribution, bright, high tinting strength, reasonable indoor lightfastness, and broad compatibility. Volatile Organic Compounds free. Formaldehyde free.
SHADES: Chartreuse, Green, Orange-Yellow, Orange, Orange-Red, Red, Pink, Magenta, Blue
CHEMICAL NATURE: An aqueous dispersion of fluorescent pigments of acrylic resin matrices
Form and state: Aqueous dispersion of sub-micron sized spherical particles
Percent Solids: 40-42%
pH: ~7-8.5
Specific Gravity: ~1.10(20℃)
Brookfield Viscosity: 150 - 450 cps @ 20℃ (RVT#1, 20 rpm)
Particle size 0.2-0.5 micron
Lightfastness: Limited outdoor lightfastness and recommended for indoor applications.
Stability: Freeze/thaw stable. Shear and pH stable. Handle below 60℃.
HANDLING: Avoid mixing with non-aqueous formulations. Mix before use to ensure homogeneity. Adjust to pH of 7.5 before use with other components.
*COLOR ASSESSMENT*: Shade (hue) and strength are compared against an approved standard by trained technicians upon preparing side-by-side drawdowns and placed in standard light box containing UV and D65.
STORAGE: Should be protected from freezing to offer maximum performance. Under conditions that are cool, dry, covered, away from direct sunlight and free of airborne contaminates, UNSP pigments have an indefinite shelf life.
TOXICITY: Tests conducted through independent laboratories have found UNSP Series Fluorescent Pigments to be "essentially non-toxic." MSDS is available upon request. Good industrial hygiene and handling methods are essential in the use of all products whether or not they are determined to be hazardous. Always avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Do not swallow.
STARTING FORMULATIONS Available upon request.
NOTE: Items marked with * are standard QC items taken on batch bases.

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