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Anti Plate-out Fluorescent Pigments

RECOMMENDED APPLICATOINS: Extruded (Masterbatch) & moulded polyolefin plastics; PVC coating & moulding
HIGHLIGHT OF PROPERTIES: FThermoset, narrow distributed microspherical particles render new properties ever seen before: the best resistance to plateout, and plasticizers, and excellent light scattering and opacity, dispersability, tinting strength, and broad compatibility..
SHADES: Chartreuse, Green, Orange-Yellow, Orange, Orange-Red, Red, Cerise, Pink, Magenta, Blue, Purple
CHEMICAL NATURE: A solid solution of fluorescent dyes in a thermoset amino resin
pH: 6~ 8 (5% dispersion in water)
Shape and state: Solid micron-sized spherical particles
Moisture: < 2% (2 gram under 140C for 0.5 hours)
Specific Gravity: 1.3 (20℃)
Solvent Resistance: Not soluble in most solvent and plasticizer. (Solubility is tested in a 40C water bath for 30 minutes. Following the solubility test, appearance of the supernatant is observed and marked for bleed scales.)
Plateout resistance Minimizes the build up of plateout in moulded and extruded plastics
*Particle Size* (Microscope): Maximum 10 um; Average <5 um
*Softening Point*: Thermoset; no softening point. But observed color changes at ~270℃
Decomposition Point: > 300℃
Maximum Processing Temperature: 260℃
*COLOR ASSESSMENT*: Shade (hue) and strength are compared against an approved standard by trained technicians upon preparing plastic chips and placed in standard light box containing UV and D65.
STORAGE: Indefinite shelf life under conditions that are cool, dry, covered, away from direct sunlight and free of airborne contaminates. Upon exposure to heat and humidity, UNJZ pigment tends to form lumps that need to be crashed prior to use.
TOXICITY: Tests conducted through independent laboratories have found UNJZ-Series Fluorescent Pigments to be "essentially non-toxic." MSDS is available upon request. Good industrial hygiene and handling methods are essential in the use of all products whether or not they are determined to be hazardous.
NOTE: Items marked with * are standard QC items taken on batch bases.

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