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Formaldehyde-Free Thermoplastic Fluorescent Pigments

RECOMMENDED APPLICATOINS: Aqueous and Non- aqueous systems; Flexo and gravure inks; Screen and textile inks; Aerosol, brush-on, and spray paints; Coatings; Colorants for crayons; Plastisols
HIGHLIGHT OF PROPERTIES: Formaldehyde free, thermoplastic, heat stability up to 300C, good tinting strength, broad compatibility, fade-resistant
SHADES: Chartreuse, Green, Orange-Yellow, Orange, Orange-Red, Red, Cerise, Pink, Magenta, Blue, Purple
CHEMICAL NATURE: A solid solution of fluorescent dyes in a polyamide resin
Shape and state: Solid irregular shaped particles
pH: N/A
*Moisture*: < 2% (2 gram under 140℃ for 0.5 hours)
Gravity: Specific Gravity 1.3 (20℃); Bulk ~ 0.5
Solvent Resistance: Not soluble in most solvent systems and water. (Solubility is tested in a 40C water bath for 30 minutes. Following the solubility test, appearance of the supernatant is observed and marked for bleed scales.)
Solubility and bleed Resistance
Alcohols Esters Glycols & Glycol Ethers Chlorinated Solvents Plasticizers Aliphatics Aromatics Ketones
Solubility B-C D A B A A A B
Bleed 1-2 3 1 1 1 0 0 1
A - Insoluble  0 - None
B - Slightly Soluble 1 - Slight
C - Partly Soluble 2 - Moderate
D - Soluble 3 - Considerable
*Particle Size* (Microscope): Maximum 10 um;
*Particle Size* Maximum 10 um; Average <5 um
Softening Point: 140 ~160℃
Decomposition Point: > 300℃
Decomposition Point: > 300℃
*COLOR ASSESSMENT*: Shade (hue) and strength are compared against an approved standard by trained technicians upon preparing plastic chips and placed in standard light box containing UV and D65.
STORAGE: Under conditions that are cool, dry, covered, away from direct sunlight and free of airborne contaminates, UNJ pigments have an indefinite shelf life.
TOXICITY: Tests conducted through independent laboratories have found UNW-Series Fluorescent Pigments to be "essentially non-toxic." MSDS is available upon request. Good industrial hygiene and handling methods are essential in the use of all products whether or not they are determined to be hazardous.
NOTE: Items marked with * are standard QC items taken on batch bases.

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