Ceramic Pigment 31

Ceramic Pigment
Company Code UN-488
Color Golden
Chemical Composition Cd-Zr-Si
Heat Resistance> 1300 ℃
Product Physical and Chemical nature Powder and flour.no smell.hard to blend in water、acetone、ethanol. no blend in acids and bases. no danger of explosion.nontoxic.zero radioactivity.no flammability.no corrosiveness
granularity(325 screen mesh ) ≤0.5% Water volatile(105℃) ≤0.5%
Water-soluble salt ≤0.4% Color shade Consistent with type sample
Light resistance 8th grade Climate resistance 8th grade
Acid resistance 5rh grade Alkali resistance 5th grade
Packing  25/30  KG/(drum)(outer iron drum  and inner plastic drum)
Service application Iron

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