Micaceous Iron Oxide Gray

Product: Micaceous iron oxide gray
Introduction: Mmicaceous iron oxide)is a physical anti-rust pigment, its main ingredient is ferric oxide. Because of this iron oxide sheet structure is similar to mica, so called micaceous iron oxide.
Property: Micaceous iron oxide is the main component of α-Fe2O3, the crystal takes the shape of sheet or plate-like hexagonal, with a large radius to thickness ratio, diameter from tens of microns to a hundred microns, thickness of only a few microns to tens of microns. Mohs hardness of 5.5-6.5. Has good light resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance; excellent rust resistance, even at 1000 ° C does not change color.
Anticorrosive mechanism: Sheet mica iron oxide particles in the coating cross-distribution, so that the mechanical strength of the coating increases. Base resin and mica iron oxide particles can form dense closed well painted, the penetration of water vapor to resist good results. While such a dense anti-corrosion coating can effectively prevent UV degradation of the coating.

Fe content counted as Fe2O3%



60 -800 mesh

Loss on burning






Oil absorption

Different content and different fineness



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