Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP) Ester type


Chlorinated Polypropylene(CPP) is a thermoplastic resin widely used in the fields of ink, painting and adhesives. It has strong adhesion to polypropylene(PP) as well as polyethylene paper and aluminum film,etc.


ITEM Ester solution type
Appearance Pale Yellowish granules solid
Chloride content(CI %) 37-41%
Viscosity(25degree,mPa.s) 100-300
Softening point℃ 70
Ph Value 5.0--8.0


1)Viscosity is determined at 25 degree in 20% solid content toluene solution.
2)Upon the request of the customers,chlorine content and viscosity can be controlled in a range of 1% and +/-50mPa.s,respectively.


ITEM Solution type
Different solvent Ester-ethyl
acetate/butyl acetate/n-propyl acetate
Aliphatic hydrocarbon-cyclohexane/methyl cyclohexane/ethyl cyclohexane Ketone-MEK/MIBK
Semisoluble solvent: (Semisoluble solvent can be diluent agent) Alcohol-methyl
alcohol/ethyl alcohol/butyl alcohol Alkane-ethane/heptane


  • Binder in gravure ink
  • Binder works to PP,PET,ABS,PVC
  • Binder in thermal ink


Packaged in cardboard box,10 or 20kgs/carton

Storage and transportation.:

Chlorinated Polypropylene(CPP) is non-dangerous article, moisture absorption and nonflammable. Keep separated from other items.Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place with normal atmospheric temperature.

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