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HUPC Chemical Co., Ltd specialized in providing management services of supply chain for many different industries like Ink, Paint, Coating, Pigment Paste and Plastic, etc. It’s located in the garden city of China----Hangzhou City of which has a very developed ocean and air freight ability, the World No. 1 and No.6th CTN Port, i.e. Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port is very close. 400KM around HUPC is the most active economic zone-------Yangzi River Delta Economic Circle, here has a forest of factories, together with the complete and perfect facilities, providing almost whole range of the raw materials and the assistant materials which will be used in coating and plastic industries.

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pigment violet 23 pigment red 57:1 pigment red 122 pigment red 123 pigment red 146 pigment red 170 pigment blue 60 pigment blue 61 pigment yellow 12 pigment yellow 13 pigment yellow 65 pigment yellow 74 pigment yellow 83 pigment yellow 150 pigment yellow 174 FLUORESCENT PIGMENT
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